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Sacramento Fitness Boot CampSacramento Fitness Boot camps are held by the tennis courts at McKinley Park, Sacramento, CA

We are doing training for 5k and 10k Races and we offer a boot camp at the end of all run classes. There will be 2 trainers there throughout the training to make sure you get the attention you need for correct form and to target a full body workout.

What boot camps include:

  • 2 trainers
  • Target all major muscle groups in the body
  • Weight, band and yourown body weight
  • Training to help with balance and speed
  • Monthly measurements of the body to keep track of weight loss or pinch test to keep track of weight loss or muscle gain.

Run Boot camp includes all the above plus:

  • sacramento marathon trainingTrain for 5k and 10ks
  • Work with trainers who have actually run marathons
  • Help you find you heart rate reserve
  • Run with a trainer


  • The first session is always free!
  • The first month is discounted to $80.00 then $100.00 per month for each month of training

Sacramento Fitness Boot Camp Schedule:

Mondays – 6:30am
Tuesdays 5:30am and 6:30am
Wednesdy 6:30am
Thursday 5:30am and 6:30am
Saturday 9:00am and 10:15am

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